3 Tips on how to keep your bathroom organised

Reasons why an organised bathroom is important for you home


Think about the last time you took a bath or a shower in a beautifully organised bathroom – the lack of clutter and disorganisation gave you a soothing experience, right? Clean and organised bathrooms can mean the difference between soothing and stressful sanitation in the mornings and evenings, so why not give it a try?


Why keep your bathroom organised?

Just like a well-made bed will comfort you when returning home after a long day at work, an organised bathroom will put you at peace when it comes to hygiene. This is because the lack of clutter and disorganisation gives you one less thing to worry about, it takes away the chore of having to look for certain things because they were put in the wrong places.

Keeping your bathroom organised also helps speed things up in the morning while allowing you to maintain the level of relaxedness you woke up with. There’s nothing worse than your brain going to overdrive in the morning because you can’t remember where you put your hair comb.

Whether it’s an organised bathroom cabinet, towel rack or drawers, you’ll be doing yourself a favour by keeping things neat and in place.


How to keep your bathroom organised

Here at Trend Tap and Tile, we value the importance of organised bathrooms, just look at what we’ve accomplished! To help you make the most of your mornings, we’ve curated a list of three clever ways you can keep your bathroom neat.


Start with decluttering

First thing’s first, you need to start with decluttering before moving onto the actual organising. This means removing unnecessary items from all the surfaces in your bathroom including your counters, cabinets and floor. Check out this cool article by Clean and Scentsible for some guidance on how you can do this.

Double up on space

Space is everything, every time, everywhere. By making the most of your bathroom space, you can lessen the clutter and put things in easy-to-reach (and easy-to-remember) places. Consider using your cabinet doors for extra space by fitting them withover-the-door organisers for your toothbrushes, toothpaste and small accessories. Otherwise, you can also double up on storage by using towel hooks rather than towel racks.


Label all the way to the moon

This one should be a no-brainer, but funny enough, it’s a foreign concept for many. Labelling your bathroom items is the ultimate hack for an organised sanitation space. They make it easier for you to find certain items when you’ve organised them into different cabinets, drawers or sections.

It takes the hassle out of spending an entire ten minutes searching for that little makeup bag that you could’ve sworn you put in the bottom drawer (does this sound familiar?). You have a few options when it comes to labelling; you can use book labels or clear sticker paper to accomplish this. Get creative with it. Here are some nice examples to help get you started!


Before organising your bathroom, you might want to consider a little bit of refurbishing/remodelling. Contact us today to take the first step towards that dream bathroom you’ve always wanted!

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