5 DIY bathroom decor ideas

Is your bathroom feeling a bit plain? Why not jazz it up with some decor? No, we don’t mean going out to buy decor, we mean making your own. There’s no better way to make a room more exciting and unique than filling it with trinkets that you have made yourself. Here are 5 DIY bathroom decor ideas for you to try out:


Mason jar holders

Mason jars are a great item to use for DIY projects. They can be used for a wide array of applications. Use mason jars in your bathroom to organise products such as earbuds, cotton swabs, make-up brushes, toothbrushes and more. it can also be made into a DIY refillable tissue dispenser.


A magazine rack

Magazine racks are a great addition to your bathroom. They are incredibly easy to make by yourself. There are a few different magazine racks that you could make but a simple design can be made from one or more small crates, with an additional strip of wood to hold the magazines in place.


Rustic sconces

Mesh is a great tool for DIY as it is very malleable and easy to use. Wire mesh can be used to create wall sconces for lighting or other decor such as flowers for your bathroom. The mesh will give this DIY piece a rustic look that will bring give your bathroom an industrial feeling.


Wall art

Wall art is a simple DIY project that could be a great addition to your bathroom. Create some wall art with the use of colourful paint splatters or make a geometric masterpiece with the use of tape and a rotation of three split complimentary colours that would suit your colour scheme.


A bath rug

Add a bit of excitement to your bathroom with DIY décor such as a fluffy bath rug. Using a rug making base, scissors and either old shirts or old towels, you could make the perfect, soft and sustainable bath rug.

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