Trendy kitchen ideas 2020

The year is 2020 and people are looking to update their home with the latest trends. One of the biggest topics this year is your kitchen. Give your kitchen a vibrant and funky look with some of the best kitchen trends of 2020. These trends are certain to last and will give your home that modern upgrade, while keeping it elegant. Read about the trendy kitchen ideas for 2020:


Subtly grained wood

Wood has made its way back in the hearts and homes of homeowners. The beautiful warmth of natural wooden features makes it the perfect addition to a cosy, yet sleek, kitchen. The trend for 2020 is pale wooden cabinets with subtle grains.



If you haven’t done so already, we recommend adding an island to the centre of your kitchen. The island trend has been around for a few years, but this year the trend has been upgraded. The newest ideas for a trendy kitchen are a double island! If you already have an island, this kitchen update won’t be too involved.


Dark features

Dark colours are in, and we’re not just talking about accents, we are talking about bold features such as dark cupboard doors, dark walls and dark furniture. This new kitchen trend gives your kitchen a sense of luxury.


Bright accents

Don’t leave your kitchen looking dull. Pops of colour here and there is the 2020 trendy kitchen idea that’s bringing a bit of character to your kitchen. These bright accents paired with dark features would make for a stunningly contrasting look.


Rustic tiles

Handmade items are a great trend coming into 2020. Specifically, handmade kitchen tiles – whether it be for your kitchen floor or for a rustic looking splashback. Terracotta tiles are the perfect addition to a farmhouse style home and kitchen.

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