Why you should get a spa bath and benefits of hydrotherapy

There are many methods people can use to soothe certain physical ailments. While medication and other forms of modern medicine are the most preferred treatments to use amongst many people, alternative treatments such as reiki, hypnotherapy and hydrotherapy are still relevant and effective remedies.

While reiki and hypnotherapy require specialist administration, you can use hydrotherapy by yourself in the comfort your own home by getting a hypnotherapeutic spa bath.


What is a spa bath?

Spa bathtubs are a common tool for hydrotherapy. They allow people to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy from the comfort and privacy of their own homes. Thanks to the advancements in spa and hydrotherapy treatment technology, you can install your very own customised hydrotherapy spa bath in your backyard.

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3 Benefits of hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy has several health benefits for anyone who uses its soothing treatment:



The body’s primary method of detoxification is sweating. Hydrotherapy spa baths encourage just that by using heated water that you can adjust yourself. Toxins are released when you sweat, a session submerged in heated water will leave you feeling lighter and refreshed.


Immune system boost

Hydrotherapy increases your blood flow which in turn increases the circulation of white blood cells around the body. This allows lymph to move through the body more efficiently ; this gives the immune system a boost in warding off colds and diseases.


Pain relief

The liquid state of water allows you to experience a feeling of weightlessness that relieves tension in limbs and eases their movement as opposed to when on dry land. Hydrotherapy also stimulates the release of endorphins which act as natural pain relievers that can reduce the pain in aching muscles. This is a major reason why athletes often use hydrotherapy after intensive workout sessions.


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